JDigitalSimulator is a plattform independend Electronic Design Automation software entirely build in Java. If you work for an educational institution or are a student, JDigitalSimulator is absolutely free of any charge.

JDigitalSimulator has a toolbar of build-in digital circuit elements, such as logic gates, flip-flops, switches, and displays. Drawing a circuit with JDigitalSimulator is like using a paint program. You click the element's icon on the toolbar and drag it to the position where you want the element to go. You use a similar procedure to draw wires and indicate connections. It's that simple.

Some of the key features are the emulation of a wide range of devices, the plattform indepency, the logic analyser, the build-in oscilloscope and the only limitation to the deisgn size is your memory and disk space.

Proceed to the about section to get some more information about the program or directly skip to the download page to get the latest release of the JDigitalSimulator right away.