The Eclipse Wordfile Editor is a stand-alone, ersatile and easy to use Eclipse editor for all text based programming languages. It is the ideal text, XML, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, and programmer's editor. Beside an elaborate syntax highlighting the editor supports additional features, such as code folding and content assistants.

The Wordfile Editor is a free and powerful text editor for Eclipse. Internally it is based on the great IDM UltraEdit and the concept of UltraEdit wordfiles for syntax highlighting, trying to adopt UltraEdit's philosophy for the Eclipse workbench. The editor does not require UltraEdit to work.

The editor supports any UltraEdit wordfile configuration. Therefore highlighting literally every programming language is possible. Also the code folding and content assistants are based on the wordfiles inputs. The editor comes with a set of predefined wordfiles for: C/C++, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, mySQL, Perl, PHP, Ruby, VBScript, VisualBasic and XML, further wordfiles can be either created manually or downloaded from the manufactures' homepage.