Kristian Kraljić You may compare programming with poetry,
a harmonic script is a piece of creativity which will last forever.
- Kristian Kraljić

Welcome! Basically my quote at the top describes best, what the concept of this page is all about. In my opinion writing code is an own form of art. Only a very limited number of people are able to understand and love this kind of art, what makes it very special. If somebody puts his senses, emotions, imagination and especially his intellect into a thing, we ordinarily call this piece of creativity ‘art’ — so we are able to like or dislike it. Although common art, such as paintings, sculptures or environments, could be very abstract and hard to understand, harmonic code is mostly simple but neither less beautiful.

Mainly I want to use this page, to publish my work, projects and ideas. In my opinion code should be functional, short, optimized and nice to look at, to be considered as beautiful. So this homepage should also function as a showcase, of what I declare as beautiful code. I love to code and even if it is a virtual kind of art, it is very important for me to create beautiful pieces of it, each and every day.

Just to clarify — this Iznoblog

In my youth there was a famous comic and an animated cartoon about a guy called ‘Iznogoud’. The name explained quite well, what the comic was all about. This page uses the same principle in general, because it is – definitely – no blog. What is this all about? The main purpose of this page is generally to publish ideas worth spreading and projects, which I have started and which grew over the time. Please take a look at my projects page in case I have drawn your interest.

Well… there is a Blog

On my blog I will take you »behind the scenes« of this page and my work. Not only about my projects, but especially on more technical stuff, open source projects and neat code snippets. Please feel free to contribute. I would love to see you there!

Saint Lucia, an island nation in the Caribbean

No, I am not planning my next holiday trip, neither I plan to move, but as you might have already noticed the Saint Lucian top-level domain ».lc« is quite unique. Given the coincidence to my last name, it provides the page with some personality. As soon as the Canary Islands get their own top-level Domain, be sure to check out kralj.ic.