Kristian Kraljić You may compare programming with poetry,
a harmonic script is a piece of creativity which will last forever.
- Kristian Kraljić

Hello there. My name is Kristian Kraljić, and this is my approach of showing everybody a piece of my little world. I am a 36-year old individual living in Baden Württemberg, Germany. I think it is quite obvious to say, that I am very interested in computer science. Therefore I am currently working for Germany's largest software development and consulting corporation. Other than that I am working at the university of applied sciences in Mannheim, in the department of computer science. Beside that, I am very interested in doing sports and enjoying my life by taking a walk in the park with my girlfriend. I am a little oldfangled and perfectionist in most areas, which are both, one of my worst and one of the best characteristics I possess.

By now I developed computer programs for more than 27 years in total. It all started back in 1997 when a friend gave me a quick introduction into Visual Basic (Classic). From the time I dropped my first line of code, I have kept constantly trying to improve my skills up until now. As it goes for programming languages, I am fluent in Visual Basic, C, C++, Objective C, PHP, JavaScript (in combination with HTML/CSS), Java and ABAP and I have tried so many others as well. In my apprenticeship (IT specialist), my time as a student and especially in my daily work I gathered a lot of knowledge and experience in all the various areas of software engineering.

I like my life and my profession a lot. Hopefully I will be able to express my passion for computer science to you as well. I couldn't close this without a special thank you and acknowledgement to my old friend Lorenz Diener, who has introduced me into the beauty of code, back in the days of elementary school.