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TyphoonAE (App Engine) in the Amazon (EC2) Cloud

by Kristian Kraljic, November 18, 2011

Ever wanted to run your own private platform service, but didn’t know how? Using and developing on the Google App Engine is already a great experience. It is very easy and straight forward to develop, run and deploy projects to the Google App Engine, such as my demo application Cloududoku, which was entirely written in Python. But especially for larger or confidential projects it is not always the best solution to run the application live in the public Google App Engine.

Therefore private platform services such as the Typhoon App Engine (TyphoonAE) have been developed. TyphoonAE is a full-featured and productive serving environment to run Google App Engine (Python) applications. Normally you would install TyphoonAE on a dedicated Linux or MacOSX server. My thought was, why not combine the ease of the Google App Engine (a private platform service) and the power of the Amazon EC2 Cloud services?

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