Kristian Kraljić You may compare programming with poetry,
a harmonic script is a piece of creativity which will last forever.
- Kristian Kraljić

PowerShell and a bridged gap to Java

by Kristian Kraljic, February 3, 2014

Please find me a reason why I have done this? — No, no… I don’t need any excuse, Windows is a great operating system and the PowerShell is an overdue extention to it *cough, cough, the hurts, ahh I’m dying!* — But seriously, due to the system environment at my workplace, I am mainly working with Microsoft Windows and affiliated programs, such as Microsoft Office (Outlook) and Lync. This does not reflect my personal preference, but adaption is key sometimes.

In fact the Windows PowerShell is really not as bad, as the name might suggest it to be (plus, the name is not claimed, yet). The PowerShell is a quite powerfull framework when it comes to task automation and configuration management in an Windows environment. Due to its scripting capabilities and its full access to COM and WMI it is a major leap compared to its "predecessor", the Windows Command Prompt. The concept of cmdlets and especially the object-oriented pipes are a somewhat modern approach of the "old school" executables and text-based pipes. But — and this is a bold-but — is probably a blessing and a curse at once.

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