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- Kristian Kraljić

Generic ArrayComparator for Comparable Java types

by Kristian Kraljic, December 30, 2015

Another day, another post! The marathon continues. After watching “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” yesterday, let’s speak a few words about Open Source. Since I began releasing my projects, most of it has been released on a dedicated website or on this blog. Meanwhile GitHub is the main source for free and open source code, therefore I decided to create an own profile at: (yay! xD)

I think GitHub is a great way to contribute to Open Source and collaborate between individuals. I’m going to release much of my stuff on GitHub, but add a few more words about it here in my blog. Some smaller snippets will stay though, such as one thing, that I was surprised is not part of the Java standard libraries yet: A generic ArrayComparator for Comparable Java types.

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