This software is a remake of Andreas Herz "DigitalSimulator Version 5.57" available at FreeGroup.de. The goal was to adapt the appearance and behaviour of the old application as best as possible, but build it, based on the newest object oriented standards and techniques.

The outcome of this approach is a light-weight, easy-to-use, easy-to-extend, plattform independent piece of software, which covers all features of the sophisticated old Windows-based DigitalSimulator and putting in a lot of neat new features. So it integrates the process of designing and simulating the operation of digital circuits and gives you even more flexibiliy realizing your ideas.

Some facts. The whole application was effectively developed and deployed in one week by one person. The first release covered aproximately 6.353 lines of pure, hand coded, Java (without comments, no external libraries where used), 25.948 words, 134 pages of plain A4 paper.

Some technical features. The whole application was entirely build in Java, without using any additional resource or library. For this reason, the entire program is completely platform independent and has got a total size of under 400kB. The use of Swing and the new Java default Look-and-Feel "Nimbus" created a light-weight application with a very nice looking modern touch. The object-oriented approach gives you a great possibility to extend the features of the JDigitalSimulator by creating your own component plugins. For more details, check out the plugins-Directory shipped with every copy of the JDigitalSimulator.