The JDigitalSimulator features a very flexible plugin mechanism to add new components to the component catalog. In addition to the build-in components, those plugin components can enhance the possibilities of the JDigitalSimulator. New components are integrated seamlessly into the JDigitalSimulator components pane.

Installing a plugin component is as simple as it could get. Create a folder called "plugins" in the directory of your JDigitalSimulator .jar file. Put the .class files of the all plugins you want to install into the folder and restart the JDigitalSimulator. The plugin should now be available in the component catalog right away.

Find a list of some plugin components below. This list will be expanded over time and more components will be added. So feel free to come back here and check the latest changes.

Note: Plugin components are not part of the JDigitalSimulator release. The components will be tested by the author, but there is no guarantee and/or support that the plugins are working securely and flawlessly. Please consider contacting the author of the plugin component directly, if you have any concerns.

GDS-Plugin Set (zip-package including the lastest plugin jar-file)
Latest release, version 1.1.6

Created by: Malte Mues, Johannes Linke, Jakob Reschke, Daniel Kurzynski
Contact: Contact the developers via mail
License: Creative Commons License All rights reserved to the authors

This plugin set created by Malte Mues, Johannes Linke, Jakob Reschke and Daniel Kurzynski at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) in Potsdam (Germany), enhances the JDigitalSimulator by both visual and functional components:

Developers: To add components to the JDigitalSimulator, check out the example plugin files provided in each bundled copy. The files feature a lot of documentation on how to create your own JDigitalSimulator components.

In case you want to release your plugins in the component catalog, please feel free to contact me. If you think it makes sense to include the plugins into the next JDigitalSimulator release, please go ahead and create a pull request on GitHub.