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Java based GAEB data exchange.

jGAEB is an plattform independend, open-source and freely distributed Java framework for parsing and writing valid GAEB DA files. GAEB DA is an open file format for distributing and negotiating information to support building measures, especially the process of calling for bids, award of contract, billing and execution of a project. Mainly used in Germany and accross Europe, the GAEB DA format is the primarily used standard for sharing information between all partners of a construction project.

Similar to the GAEB-Toolbox the jGAEB framework simplifies and speeds up the development process when dealing with the GAEB DA data format. Supporting GAEB90 and soon the GAEB2000 and the GAEB XML format, the jGAEB framework is the perfect solution for your plattform independend Java solutions.

The jGAEB framework can be used and adapted freely for development purpose and published in open source & freely distributed programs without any charge. Only when using the framework for a commercial purpose the payment of a license fee is required.


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