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Java based GAEB data exchange.

jGAEB Framework Source and Javadoc.

First major release of the jGAEB framework for Java. Supported file formats: GAEB90. Currently no direct conversion betwee different file formats is possible. Upcoming: GAEB2000, GAEB XML, file conversion layer.

Latest Release (Version 1.0):
JDK 1.6 jgaeb-jdk16-10.tar.gz jgaeb-jdk16-10.zip
Java Archive jgaeb-10.jar
JavaDoc jgaeb-10-javadoc.tar.gz jgaeb-10-javadoc.zip
Source jgaeb-10-source.tar.gz jgaeb-10-source.zip

This software/framework is distributed unter the "Simplified BSD License" and is to be used for free, unless it is used for commercial purpose. Please refer to the license sections for more details.


  • The tar archives were created using GNU tar (some versions of Solaris tar will have problems extracting them)
  • Some parts of the API are still under development or tested by automated test scenarios only. Please refer to the help section if you encounter any problem

You can find the release notes, documentation, and help here.


Not available so far...