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Eclipse PlugIn – WFE Wordfile Editor

by Kristian Kraljic, July 13, 2011

My third release took me a little longer than expected, but the result is quite sweet, I think. This time it is an Eclipse PlugIn, as you already have read in the title for sure. At least all Java developers will confirm, Eclipse is the open standard in development environments. It is OpenSource and can be extended nearly endlessly using plugins.

As for now, there are only a hand full supported programming languages in Eclipse. For each language new PlugIns, Editors and Features have to be installed manually. All of them provide basically the same features: Code formatting, content assistants and syntax highlighting.

The WFE Wordfile Editor improves this process. With only one editor it is now possible to highlight nearly every text based programming language.

Please refer to the product homepage for more details.


  1. Secil Unverdi says:

    WFE Wordfile Editor 1.3.1
    I downloaded your eclipse plugin and installed it on 3.5.2 and also 3.6.2. I see it as successfully installed but I cannot see any title on the Preferences or as an editor in internal editors.
    Could you please help?

    PS. I tried to send from,but it says”Oh! It looks like you made a small mistake!”.

  2. P says:

    Hallo Kristian, tried to find your WFE in Marketplace using string “WFE Wordfile Editor” (as you proposed somewhere) – nothing found. Just “WFE” or “Wordfile”: 0 matches. :-(